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  School Introduction  


About Shuei-yuan --- a brief introduction


Shuei-yuan Elementary school’s History


April 1918   The school was established as a branch school of Tamsui Public School and named Shuei-Jian-Tou School


April 1921   The school was officially established and named Shuei-Jian-Tou Public School


1946        After 50 years of Japanese colony, “Shuei-Jian-Tou Public School” was renamed “Shuei-yuan Public School Tamsui Township Taipei County” and Mr. Guo Huo-yang was appointed as the first principal.


1968        “Shuei-yuan Public School Tamsui Township Taipei County” was renamed “ Shuei-yuan Elementary School

Tamsui Township Taipei County”


2011        While Tamsui Township and Taipei County were upgraded as Tamsui District and New Taipei City, the full name of the school became “Shuei-yuan Elementary School Tamsui District New Taipei City”




Principals of Shuei-yuan Elementary School in service terms


Principal’s Name                              Service Term


1.     Guo  Huo-yang                            After Taiwan’s retrocession ~1961


2.     Lai  Shuei- tian                            1961~1969


3.     Chen Ching-long                            1969~1975

4.     Lin Bing-sin                                1975~1980 


5.     Luo Teng-syun                              1980~1984


6.     Lin jhen-hai                                1984~1988


7.     Chang Sing-shih                             1988~1994


8.     Lin Ci-huan                                 1994~1997


9.     Wang Huan-fen                             August 1997~August 2001


10.             Jheng Cin-cih                              August 2001~August 2003


11.             Li Mei-siou                                August 2003~August 2007


12.             Zeng Jin-fa                                August 2007~August 2011


13.             Sie Fan-ru                                 August 2011~


There are seven classes at Shuei-yuan Elementary School for this year.

 Six classes in Elementary School and one class in preschool.

Total student numbers: 156

Faculty: 23


Area of land: 1.0873 hectares